Istra, HE Zarechnyi, 59v
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The hotel is located in 2 minutes drive from the Istra town, near Volokolamskoe and New Riga highways — they give you an opportunity to get to our Aparthotel as soon as possible. Istra is a great hotel situated in ecological area. The Moscow river surrounded by forest.

Hotel in Istra town – ideal variant for citizens, tired of smoke smell and noise. There is little amount of transport , but there is a forest, ideal for mushroom and walks, clean air and river. Here you won’t scare from suddenly sound of car alarms, but you will be able to walk through the green alleys, not fearing to meet with hooligans, because security protects the whole apartment complex.


Rural rest and European service - concepts are not mutually exclusive. To verify this, just to spend a weekend in the suburban cottage "Zarechny". Rent an apartment in Istria or a house to live in the hotel - in any case, a comfortable outdoor recreation will be provided.

For those who in any situation takes care of maintaining the form, in the village opened a fitness center are waiting for the gourmet restaurants and bars. In short, a weekend or a holiday away from the bustle of the city, but with the indispensable attributes of modern life the opportunity to enjoy a whole set of spa treatments, arrange with friends billiards tournament - behind all this necessarily go abroad. Comfortable rooms, courteous staff, the availability of room service offers Apart Hotel "Istra".


From the prestigious European hotel apartments Istra distinguishes only the price - it is not here in the example below. Afford to relax in the suburban cottage holidays or weekends are almost all good location and accessibility allowed to return home without the risk of being late to work: Volokolamsk or Novorizhskoe highway - the shortest route to Moscow.

Excellent like cottage country hotel in Istres for corporate and leisure: spacious meeting rooms, which can be successfully organized as a party with lots of people, and only business events, such as a press conference or a convention, even international scale.


Rest Hotel Istra Family Club district - this is not a trip to the resort or hostel in the traditional Soviet sense. It is a full-fledged European standard of living in the village with a developed modern infrastructure, access to quality health care. It is ideal for a family vacation or a romantic trip. This is an opportunity to get good memories and impressions without the need for formulation of foreign passport and tiring flight.

For younger travelers in Istria contains landscaped playgrounds, numerous parks and play areas - all for the development and entertainment there. Holiday House is located on the town of Istra in walking distance - only a couple of minutes, and the clients of the hotel will be able to visit the cinema, a restaurant or go shopping. No curfew - the hotel is open round the clock, night walks lovers will be able to return to your room at any time. However, if you want it you can not leave: telephone, high-speed Internet - all of this is especially true for workaholics, do not stop working even on vacation, or for those who prefer to stay up to date with the latest developments.


  • 30.03.2015

    Summer cafe

    We are glad to announce the opening of the summer cafe in the Hotel Apartments Istra. The choice will be presented to visitors: various types of barbecue, salads, pizza, ice cream, and you can taste a variety of coffee drinks with fruit. A huge variety of sweets. Importantly home cooking delivered to your room.

  • 04.11.2014

    New Year celebrations

    From December 29 to January 3, 2015Б the amount of rent per day is set at greater than 2 times the normal. There is accepting applications for reservations, the apartment by, cottages for Christmas weekend. You will enjoy an unforgettable New Year's program, lavish banquet and rooms with a Christmas decoration. Give a fabulous mood yourself and loved ones!

  • 15.03.2014

    Rent Camper

    "Apart - Hotel Istra Family Club" since the beginning of the summer season renting camper rental on the river Istra for recreation, fishing. Free recreation areas, gazebos, barbecues, braziers. And also hire fishing rods, tackle, boats for river rafting, on a specially designed itinerary


  • Fishing on the river Istra

    Without a time limit and the catch, comfortable area for gatherings, gazebo and barbecue for cooking outdoors. Hire of fishing tackle, spinning.

  • Rafting on the river on a boat

    Rafting on the river on a boat

    Rental boats for rafting on the river Istra with Ueshiba Morihei developed route.

  • Fitness center in Istra

    Fitness center in Istra

    Club FITNESS ONE - is an ideal setting for those who wish to acquire and maintain good physical shape, and who are not only athletic training, but also a high level of service.

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